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Be fully prepared for the next event


It is always advisable to be prepared for any event no matter where or when, and here is an example why. Suppose you are from way out east (or west), and one day traveling to Torontofor a few days is in order and so is going to a special event like a party one night. It turns out access to the event is denied because you realized your identification is still at home currently located far out of reach. That is a terrible experience!

So before leaving, make sure you are prepared by collecting everything from your home that is needed for the day. This includes money, any credit or debit cards, any photo identification cards (especially if a nightclub is a destination),any applicable car insurance documents, house keys and whatever else is needed in order for you to fully be prepared. Carry some quarters just in case a trip to a payphone is necessary for an emergency phone call.

Double check to make sure everything is in your posession when leaving unless of course it is no longer yours. Simply walking out of the venue without paying attention to your belongings is a very bad idea.

If it is difficult to be prepared for an event, seek a friend or family member for assistance, especially if the event is located at a very distant location.

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