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General Terms

  • Our Privacy Policy also includes Terms and Conditions.
  • All photos displayed are subject to the terms set in the picture display criteria.
  • Paypal will process payments for all photo orders made online.
  • We are responsible for content of internal pages and presentation of content may change at times to enhance user experience.
  • We do not monitor the content, performance, or appearance of external web pages that we link to. We remove any found website links that cause a bad user experience.

Content Policies

You may Download photos to your computer for personal use using the download button on each photo page. You may not do any of the following without approval from the clubcatcher team:

  • Selling photos using any method in any form in whole or part. This includes making profit from modifying the photo appearance and/or size.
  • Copying large chunks of code or data from this website and posting it elsewhere.
  • Use any script to produce one of our photos without the large word CLUBCATCHER stamped on it.

Personal Info

We use any personal data you provide as follows:

  • We send applicable new photo album alerts to your email address and/or cell phone number. Use your account to control your subscriptions.
  • We use your mailing address to deliver your paid photos.
  • We have no access to your username or password. Keep them a secret to prevent anyone from stealing your account.

Local storage and Cookie Use

  • Cookies are small files placed on computers via web browsers. uses them to enhance your browsing experience. We suggest you log off after using your account, especially if you use a public computer.
  • Cookies are primarily used to store login state, collage canvas state, and location status which all enhance user experience
  • Cookies are also used during the photo collage tutorial to allow us to provide correct instructions to you.
  • Third-party vendors produce the advertisements. Some advertisers may store a DoubleClick cookie on your computer for proper advertisement function. To opt-out of the DoubleClick cookie, visit *
  • Other advertisements may require another cookie stored on your computer to enable advertisers to display advertisements closest to your interests. For advertising info including opting out from interest based advertisements, visit *

* URLs stated above work best in a web browser on a desktop computer.

Clubcatcher and Facebook

  • As of May 10th 2015, all features involving facebook on this website are no longer available. This includes automatic login, photo sharing, and photo gallery sharing. Select the button below for details.
  • We permit the display of our photos on facebook for non-profit purposes. We do not allow selling of photos by any third party including facebook without permission of the clubcatcher team.

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Device (and Computer) Compatibility

  • We attempt to provide everything in high quality with high performance and speed for current browsers.
  • A mobile version of clubcatcher is available for just about every mobile phone in use now and in the past.
  • Photos will appear properly on very old browsers made at least a decade ago.
  • Because Paypal requires modern web browsers, Ordering pictures may not work with very old browsers.
  • Website layout may not look presentable on very old browsers.
  • We recommend a browser capable of displaying photos for use with This excludes the text-based web browser, Lynx.

Clubcatcher Website Updates

  • We make Updates behind the scenes five to seven times a week. This allows a greater picture selection. This may have a tiny impact on the speed of content delivery.
  • We make every effort to provide you with an excellent performing website. We do apologize in advance if factors outside of our (or server provider's) control causes to be unavailable.

If you have questions, check out the "Find Answers" section, or contact us.

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