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Picture Display Criteria (PDC)

This is a term the webmaster came up with that is short for all the terms and conditions that a photo must agree to in order for it to be displayed or for it to continue to be displayed here on clubcatcher.

The following are the terms and conditions for each photo

  • All people visible in the photo must have already approved their presence in the photo.
  • The photo must follow canadian government laws.
  • The photo must not display any super-private body parts.
  • The photo must not highly offend anyone.
  • The photo must be taken with or by a clubcatcher team member.
  • The photo must be approved by the clubcatcher team head photographer.

Additionally, the provider for states the following.

"We do allow Adult Content on our services. Though, we reserve the right to refuse,terminate or delete any content that is determined to be unacceptable. Any content that is determined to be illegal based on the laws of the Province Of Ontario and within the Canadian Federal Court, will be deleted without notice."

Here are some situations and answers to clarify our terms

Situation: These pictures (that guest has pre-selected) hurt my career.

Answer: If the picture contains enough of you in it, we will understand and can remove it for you, but if the picture contains other things and not a single part of you in it, then chances are we won't remove it unless others complain about the same photo.

Situation: These italians bother me.

Answer: While we like to please the world, we, just like everyone else cannot cater to every single individual. If we catered to this situation, then a large part of the world may be upset with us for removing all italian related photos, all because one person dislikes italians. What we do in this case is keep the photo, and at best apologize to the complainer.

Situation: My eyes are allergic to blue.

Answer: Well, we are sorry if you are sensitive to certain colors but we must carry on and produce photos for all our guests. You should see an eye doctor or a family doctor.

Situation: I look like (insert negative word).

Answer: If you are the only person in the photo, then we can remove it for you at your request. If however, you are hardly visible in the photo (like mostly in the background where 90% of the people don't look at) then we might not remove it because you are not the focus of the photo.

Situation: Me and my friends look like (insert negative words).

Answer: Same deal as above, except that in the photo, you and/or your friends must appear in the photo in any order and be a focus of the photo. If everyone was in the background and the background is very hard to see and the focus is a musical performer, then we likely won't remove it.

Situation: A photographer took a bunch of pictures of me and my friends and they are not up

Answer: Some venues can have many photographers. Our photographers are often dressed in uniform. We take pictures at the venue then we require up to 24 hours to process, edit, filter, then send them to the clubcatcher network.

Situation: I'm pretty sure the photographer was from the clubcatcher team because I got a card after my picture was taken

Answer: A card is a card. Other photographers may send out cards as well to groups they take pictures of. Its their way of either promoting themselves and/or the businesses and/or the venues that they work with. This does not mean that the clubcatcher team took your photo.

Situation: This particular photo is disgusting

Answer: If the photo is bad to the point where it hurts the massive population of minors (people under 18 years old), we will remove it. We will definitely remove any photo that contains any profanity in it. If you are looking for such photos, then this is not the place for you.

Situation: Barney is for kids. I'm an adult and theres pictures of barney

Answer: This is acceptable here. Just because the content is more suitable for minors does not mean it is not suitable for adults. Adults at one point were minors as well.

Situation: Those ghosts creep me out

Answer: You must have looked at a halloween party we photographed. We will keep these photos because they entertain all our guests. and we are sorry if you feel nervous.

Situation: That guy is so creepy

Answer: Just don't pay attention to him then. We post photos for the masses, and we wont remove a photo of a guy just because one girl out of a million thinks he is creepy. Another girl might find him very attractive.

Situation: I don't like the coloring of that photo

Answer: You can either leave it, or try our new Online Photo Collage Editor. We won't remove it tho.

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