It all started in around the year 2000. The Founder, has decided to make life easy for clubbers in several clubs in the Greater Toronto Area, simply by using his highest quality camera possible to take pictures of people and events that are interesting and then sharing them online, all which can be downloaded for free.

Somewhere around the year 2007, Mike (who is the current webmaster), decided to take a look at the old website, and noticed the need for improvement. In the past, most of the photo albums were all laid out on one page sorted by date with the most recent album shown last. This is tedious because people had to wait forever for the latest album thumbnail (preview) to come up, especially if they used dial-up internet. Once people chose their album, they are presented with a simple (non HTML5-compliant) frame-based photo viewing interface where every photo of an album is shown on the left in one single column. users had to scroll lots to see the remaining several hundred pictures. Now that is a royal pain in the butt!

Around the year 2010, Mike took action to create what you get today.

What he did was organize the pictures in a way so that you can see them sorted by club and the new pictures are listed first. Also, he added a self-help section, an ability for you to search for pictures, different ways to view pictures, a mobile version of the site, videos, the ability to order the pictures and unlike most websites, is still compatible with the older web browsers that were created prior to 2000 when it comes to viewing pictures!

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As mentioned, the core idea of this website is to present pictures taken at venues (mostly clubs) that the founder has taken. In the past, the founder was the only one involved with Clubcatcher. Them Mike came in 2010, and every now and then, additional photographers are seen on the team when a special club event (often involving a musical performer) takes place. Most of the clubcatcher team can be identified by their cameras with large frosted bulbs, and as of mid 2012, most of the team can now be identified by black shirts with the clubcatcher logo embedded into it.

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