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Online Photo Collage Editor

This editor can produce an awesome Photo collage!

This is your chance to produce a spectacular collage to download and share with as many of your friends as desired. In the large black canvas shown below, you can place photos on it in custom sizes and in custom color modes. Fancy Text can also be incorporated into the editor. Don't worry if you need to leave this page for an hour to discover any new desired photo to apply on the canvas. Your layout will be restored when you return to this Online Photo Collage Editor page.

We now have a live tutorial as well as a reference guide to make your experience with the Online Photo Collage Editor much easier than before.

In an effort to provide a high speed service to everyone, we ask that you please limit the total number of items (text blocks and pictures) in the collage itself to twenty five maximum.

The canvas thus far

Editor Tools

Preparing tips

Your Selected pictures

Want to show off your masterpiece to all your friends?

Right now, the canvas is completely blank and pitch black (at the time this page finished loading).

Go and grab some photos from our party venue photo galleries and then add them to the canvas, or experiment and add text.

Once you have used the editor to adjust the photos and text as necessary, feel free to download the entire canvas as a gzip-compressed JPEG file to any desktop computer.

Need Help? No problem!

We have solutions geared for the seasoned collage editor user and the complete novice user. Choose the option that is right for you.

Make a photo collage with the interactive Tutorial!

Learn the steps requited to create an awesome photo collage that you can download and share with your friends for free.

This feature works on devices with a minimum screen width of 550 pixels that run a modern browser with basic javascript support enabled.

Select the "Start Tutorial" button below to begin.

If you have already used the editor, we recommend that you clear all your existing collage settings by selecting the "Clear Old Settings" for the best experience with the tutorial.

Start Tutorial

Need a quick reference guide?

If the interactive tutorial consumes too much time or you forgot the operation of a specific tool, then check out our quick reference guide which shows how each tool can be used in the photo collage editor.

Access reference guide

Got a Cell phone?

Stop scrolling sideways and stop playing with the zoom feature.

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