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Online Photo Collage Editor

Quick usage guide

To make the best use of the Online Photo Collage Editor, It is highly recommended that you select the photos you want to use in the collage, then you can add them along with text by defining boxes on screen (also known as placements). As you make progress, use the large check mark under "Editor Tools" to see results. If at any time the "Box options" is in the way, select an empty spot on the canvas to remove the box.

The Editor tools Explained

This is a normal select tool. Use it if you want to select items instead of adding items.

This one allows you to add text in any colour with options for solid borders or backgrounds. Transparent background is also supported.

This item should be the second-most used option as it allows for multiple photos from any of our party venue galleries to be added to the collage.

This check mark that the tutorial makes reference to is what turns placements (boxes) on the canvas into actual results. Consider this button as your save button.

This will delete all placements. It's like deciding to start over. Choosing this option as well as the check mark confirms complete deletion of the contents of the canvas.

This is a toggle button that when sunk (set) will show placements regardless of whether or not you are modifying it. Use this option if you are new to the photo collage editor.

The placement options Explained

The following buttons are common to all placements:

Destroys the selected one once this option is chosen. Remember to use the check mark to update the canvas.

Allows the box to be moved. On a desktop computer, the box will follow the cursor as the mouse is moved. Click or tap the new location to confirm the new box position. You do not need to hold a button down while moving the mouse.

Change the size of the box. You will be able to specify dimensions including how far from the left and top the starting point of the box is.

Make a copy of the box and choose new location for it. The new box contains the same properties as the old one including dimensions. Use this along with the delete option to shift the order that items appear.

These buttons can be toggled, This means they sink in when selected and they can also be deselected (pop out). Unless specified, these options refer to picture placements:

Scaling. If the picture looks too stretched, use this option to scale it so the picture appears normal.

Greyscale. pictures with this option set will be greyscaled.

Colorize. This allows you to specify RGB values in hex for the red, green, and blue channels to create special color effects including sepia to the picture.

Transparent background. This allows the background color of text to be transparent and will ignore the color set in the options.

Layers and placement numbers

Each new placement in the collage will be assigned the next lowest number. Placements with higher numbers will appear in front while lower numbers will appear behind. To swap placements, make a copy of it and delete the copy with the lower number.

Deleting Thumbnails

If you need to delete photo thumbnails, (that are under the "Editor Tools"), select the "X" at the top-left corner of each one you want deleted then select the "delete marked" button.

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