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We work with a number of nightclub promoters to help bring you the best nightlife experience possible

NRG Lifestyle group

Members of the NRG group have teamed up with us in a number of events at multiple party venues to help make our photography more successful. We recommend casting a vote for the NRG group as well the clubcatcher team in the last quarter of each year for the annual Toronto Nightclub Awards. For more information on the group, select the button below to visit their website.

NRG Lifestyle group

Lyme Productions

Like NRG, Lyme productions is also a promotion group for nightlife. At this time, their website is very basic but you may type in for access. We recommend contacting us if you require more information on this group.

Other Promoters

From time to time we honour other promoters who have assisted us in producing successful nights by listing them here as long as they have a valid information-rich website with text content and that is accessible to all electronic devices capable of loading images.

Please talk to one of our photographers in person at any party venue we visit if more detailed information about the promoters we work with is required.

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We work with Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes we share our photos with our friends, and with the tools we have here, you can easily share photos with as little as one click. look for the "share" button on the gallery pages or the opportunity to share the photo in photo options.

We also have our own clubcatcher group on facebook. Select the facebook link below if you want to see what it is all about.

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