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Do an exciting show for people at a party


At many venues we take photos at, we find that most people like to define fun as consuming drinks. Instead of going after the drinks all the time, consider putting on an exciting show of some sorts.

You can dance, play with party lights, do something unique with a group of people, or even be in a dress to present yourself in an exciting way. Rather than shout as a way to make a request, why not create a large sign and show it by holding it in the air? Heck, make it exciting by adding some art or take an unusual route.

The webmaster creates his song requests by borrowing a pen from a club staff member, writes the request on a napkin then submits the napkin to the club host.

To look fabulous, feel free to dress in whatever makes you comfortable as long as venue rules are followed. People often dress up in costumes when they party on or around halloween night.

We are attracted to fun experiences and we capture those more often than not with our cameras! So come on out to any party, put a show on, and get caught!

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