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Show a sign to people in the venue if you are single


If you are single and at a venue, chances are your eyes are fixed on someone in particular that is to be loved right inside the same venue. What signs should one look for?

The traditional route may be taken by simply striking a conversation with that person in hopes that there are mutual interests. This method does not always work.

Why not try something completely unique? Why not create a sign that literally shows your status and wear it? If everyone made the same sign to wear, then finding people who are single will be easier than ever before!

Someone kissing another person passionately, especially if it lasts forever, is a sign that the two people are not single.

In any event, if you choose someone at the venue to love, please make sure that the person is the best one ever, because more often than not, many people have ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends as well as ex-husbands and ex-wives.If a situation exists where you have an ex-husband or ex-wife, then legal matters also apply which include the requirement of signing divorce papers as well as a judge deciding who receives what property. So choose your future partner carefully!

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