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In the Toronto Nightclub scene

In the last quarter of every year, our head photographer, Moses Sousa participates in the Toronto Nightclub Awards ceremonies with other people who work in any part of the Nightclub scene. People will then have a chance to vote for the best person in each nightclub role. These roles include photography, bartending, bouncers, nightclub owners, Music disc jockey (DJ), Event host (MC), and more. Awards are given to people who receive the highest number of votes in their role from people like you. Moses (our head photographer) has won two awards for being voted the best nightclub photographer of the Greater Toronto Area.

Check out the award he won (to the right of his black hat) on December 21st, 2015:

2015 nightclub award

The photo below shows what he won on the night of December 22nd, 2014:

2014 nightclub award

Additionally, he received a similar award in late 2010:

2010 nightclub award

You may contact us if you require a larger version of any image shown here.

The head photographer (Moses) would like to thank each and every one of you who took your time to vote for him!

For more information on the awards including the next voting time, please visit the blogs at

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