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Excellent tips for a more successful night out!

These tips help make your night out the best ever!

Are you planning on participating in a venue we shoot photos at?

We have designed these tips to make your nightlife experience the most enjoyable ever regardless of age, religion, or gender. We provide information on personal safety, effects on drinking smoking and drugs, how to save money, driving, and anything else we could come up with that may help no matter what nightclub or other venues are used.

Most tips we provide come with a link to a public video that elaborates more on why the corresponding piece of advice should be followed. Some tips come with a link to a website providing more information, and we just explain some in detail ourselves.


Here are the tips!

# 1. Be fully prepared for the next event

# 2. Book a hotel if the party city is far

# 3. Buy a low priced cell phone for emergency

# 4. Do an exciting show for people at a party

# 5. Go prepaid if a mobile phone plan is required

# 6. Maxing a credit card out increases debt

# 7. Show a sign to people in the venue if you are single

# 8. Smoking and drinking can cause health problems

# 9. Talking on a electronic device should be done out of the club

# 10. Think twice before accepting partner insurance

# 11. Use a taxi or bus instead of a car to reach the venue

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