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Buy a low priced cell phone for emergency


With advances in technology, there are a large number of cell phones available to choose from. Buy one that is affordable and carry it, because if some big emergency happens at the venue, help may arrive much sooner than initially anticipated.

When selecting a cell phone, choose one that is within your budget. Avoid cell phone plans that last one or more years if your income is limited, otherwise debt will begin to occur from all the unpaid late fees. Try to go for prepaid instead of a long-term plan so thatthe emergency option can be made available at a more affordable rate which in total, would be under $30 a month. Make sure the cell phone is simple enough to use. Remember, in an emergency, you have to act quick, not spend time figuring out how to use a complicated piece of electronic equipment.

If it is not affordable, then learn about the locations of payphones relative to the venue, so if theres an emergency, you can blast right out of the venue entrance and run to the nearest payphone. Payphones are extremely affordable for as little as fifty cents a call or even less for emergencies.

In any event, make sure that you briefly speak directly into the phone quickly, loudly, and clearly. If this cannot be done, then seek a friend for assistance.

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