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Maxing a credit card out increases debt


If you have a credit card, and that credit limit of yours is approaching, try not to spend what is left on it to go party since interest accumulates fast. If there are previous debts or expenses even from another credit card you own, and partying is a must, then your debt will skyrocket because venues often charge money for entry, drinks, coat check, and other offered services.

If partying is an instant requirement, consider borrowing some money from a friend, or find any job that pays enough money for all your expenses. If that cannot be done, then look for a credit counsellor to help with your finances, and consider attending any open job fairs

It is highly discouraged to apply for a second or even a third credit card if the first one is maxed out because additional debt could accrue from all the processing fees applied to the plan used. These fees are in addition to any unpaid interest fees attached to the maxed out balance.

If a plastic card is something worth dying for just to create a cool scene at the venue in front of friends, consider opening a brand new bank account without the ability to overdraft and with no fees attached and add some money to it. Now when the bank card is almost "maxed out", there won't be any worries about paying any money back in a certain time frame, and interest charges will not be applied. Instead, you might earn pennies as interest every year.

Before partying again, try to pay off all your debt including all interest charges.

The video explains debt in a unique way using water.

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