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Think twice before accepting partner insurance


So you're wondering what partner insurance has to do with the club scene? First we will define what insurance is in general, then provide a good example of how partner insurance works in the club scene.

Insurance - Definition

Insurance is one word used to describe a guarantee that something will work out and upon failure, some kind of payment of equal value is issued. For example, If automobile insurance is purchased on a regular basis, Its the same as making an officialguarantee that your automobile will either be in good working order or upon damage without negligence, (example: accident caused by a third party), cash or credit will be issued as part of the plan with the automobile insurance provider.

Here is how it applies to the club scene by example.

We will introduce two women and two men: Trish, Stacy, Matt, and Mark. All are 22 years old with a straight orientation.

Trish does full-time factory work for a living. She had no further schooling since secondary school.

Stacy works part time in retail and has similar school exposure to that of Trish. She relies on Trish for almost everything including all advice. Both are best friends.

Mark is tall and skinny with only elementary school education and an on-call job.

Matt is short and overweight with no education and no employment at all.

The story of the best friends

One night, the women decide to go out to a local nightclub. Part way through the night, Stacy spots a few guys she is interested in, but is unable to decide who to choose and why. She instead consults Trish to decide who her boyfriend will be.Later, Trish decided that Matt should potentially become Stacy's boyfriend. The next day, they become a couple. The women contact each other regularily over the phone to review the couple's relationship. About three months later, the coupleend up in heated arguments which increase in frequency as each day passes, and during each argument, Stacy consistently asks Trish for her advice. After another month went by, Trish decided to break the couple up. One year later, the women decide to visita different local nightclub. Thirty minutes later, Stacy found some attractive guys, and consulted with Tracy about all of them. Tracy then found Mark and knowing that Stacy wants a relationship, Tracy decided to make her and Mark a couple.

Partner Insurance - why it exists

The partner insurance exists because Stacy always wants a boyfriend in her life (hence the partner), and he does not work out, then she will want something equal in return which in this case is a new boyfriend.Trish is known as Stacy's partner insurance provider because Stacy is relying on Trish to make every single boyfriend decision for her and make her feel better.

The Moral

Be careful who you rely on for all your decision making, and never trust the first thing that appears. Insurance does not always work out favorably.

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