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Talking on a electronic device should be done out of the club


Owning a cell phone or other electronic device for communication purposes is very convienient, however part of that convienience is wrecked inside the club due to loud music and other people.

The best course of action is to limit your communication on your electronic device to just text messaging or any kind of messaging that does not involve the use of audio or ones voice.

The recommended option would be to find a quieter area such as outside of the club so that the voice or audio coming from the speaker on the electronic device can be heard loud and clear.

If you must speak into the electronic device inside the club, cover one ear, and make your voice louder than usual and increase the audio volume on it so you can hear the other person clearly.

If the volume of the voice seems low after increasing it, or it is still not clear, consider using earphones for all future calls. If that does not work, then maybe it is time for an upgrade, or better yet, take the cheaper option and use a local payphone to make all future phone calls since the voice output in payphones is always acceptable .

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