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Smoking and drinking can cause health problems


Please think twice before smoking or drinking excessively.

If you make smoking an hourly or a daily habit, then your lungs can be corrupted to the point where breathing can become difficult because tobacco is inhaled.Another disadvantage to that habit is that moving away from the party several times is often mandatory so that others can continue to enjoy the party without smelling the odour arising from smoke clouds

If drinking too much is the ultimate desire, then a host of problems may occur which begin with headaches as the best case scenario.Additionally, excessive drinking may cause the feeling of being drunk to the point where navigating or even locating yourself is a difficult task.

If you listen to friends when they always tell you to drink and/or smoke, then consider stopping as it is affecting overall health.There are programs and websites available to assist with drinking and smoking problems as well as other health problems, and some may even offer an award for completing the program. There is also medicationthat can even be purchased at any local pharmacy that can help people improve overall health such as nicorette, and tylenol. An electronic cigarette can help people who want to quit smoking but have problems with doing it.

Please understand that this is only advice for improving your health, and the decisions made to your body are entirely yours.

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