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Photo Galleries Calendar for August 2019

We visited one venue

This month is the current one and not a single whole week has gone by in it, Please allow us another two weeks so that events for this month can take place and they will be posted one day after they happen. If you would like more recent photo galleries, we suggest visiting the calendar for the previous month.

What you see is a calendar of photo galleries for August 2019. You will see all of the nights that we have attended party venues and taken photos. This month alone, we visited and Orchid two times.

Select a venue name or to access that gallery. Each thumbnail represents a small photo taken directly from the venue name listed underneath it. Choosing the thumbnail is the same as choosing the first party venue name in the list below for that day.

August 2019

First Week


Second Week


Third Week

Fourth Week

Fifth Week

Calendar looking way too plain? Try selecting an earlier month

This is the time of year where locals tend to take a vacation in warm weather. If you are looking for alot of people, try september or december.

Since we are a small team, we may require twenty four (24) hours to process new galleries from events that recently took place.

You may modify the month and year of the calendar directly in the URL as long as the full month name is in lowercase letters. The month and year may also be switched by selecting any month or year shown below.

We do not provide any calendars for any month later than August 2019 because our photo galleries only contain pictures of events that happened in the past.

If you have any questions with regards to photo galleries that appear on the calendar and/or the timing of the events, please contact us directly via the "contact us" link in the links below.

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