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Facebook features are now Terminated!

Here's why all features from facebook will now end

On May 10th 2015, the clubcatcher webmaster ran various tests including sharing items via facebook.

The problem here is that facebook has chosen to upgrade their method of accepting our content for sharing. After reviewing the new requirements, we choose to no longer connect with facebook for the purposes of direct sharing of content. This includes sharing photos, sharing a collage, sharing gallery information, and using facebook to login.

Facebook requests and expects that everything used in the submission (including this website) to be royalty-free. They also would like to feature, promote and even market our submission for their own purposes.A screenshot to show evidence of what facebook is doing is available on the desktop edition of

Photos presented on this website are the property of and may not be made royalty-free by any person or any system without the exclusive express written permission from the head photographer.

Pictures will continue to arrive

Regardless of the situation with facebook, we will continue to provide you with the best party venue photos right here to view for free. If you would like to share it with facebook, then you may download the photo then publish it manually.

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