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Hire the Clubcatcher Team

Thank you for showing some interest in us. Currently, we have three kinds of people available that can help make your next event a huge success.


Several nightclubs and other venues across the Greater Toronto Area request us for photography services week after week, and it is our photography that keeps this website growing year after year. This is often the lowest-priced service we offer, but it also depends on your photography needs as well. If you choose this service for your company, then your clients will NOT require their own cameras at all.


Want a motion-picture of your event? Now you can have it! Rent one of our videographers, and we can do the taping for you right on the spot! We often videotape weddings, and one of our videographers taped part of the 2013 Toronto Nightclub Awards. Please keep in mind that a videographer may be a more expensive option, but may be more worth it as well.


Want to make an online presence? We can help. Our webmaster can turn ideas you have in your mind and/or on paper or even electronically and turn it into a fully functional website that can work with as many browsers as possibly used to this day. This in turn increases the number of people that will be able to view and be satisfied with your website.

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Now you have learned the basics about what our team consists of and what we can provide your company, Once a button is selected, you will be presented with more information as well as a form that needs to be filled out. Once completed correctly, a representative will be in touch with you shortly. Without further ado, Please select a link below.

Photographers and Videographers


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