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Professional Clothing helps make great pictures

Be neat in appearance

Many nightclubs prefer guests who spend time to dress somewhat professional. A style never accepted at any nightclub involves garments that includes running shoes, ripped jeans and shorts.

Some party venues may be more lenient on what type of clothing is acceptable. If in doubt, choose safe clothing and go with polished black dress shoes, lint-free black pants, and a buttoned up shirt in order to appear professional.

If an event is run at a venue you own and we are hired to take pictures, then you may dictate what clothing guests are permitted to wear regardless of how professional the function is.

For examples on acceptable and professional garments, view one of over thousands of pictures of people on this website.

Please contact the party venue management directly before visiting to ensure your garment decisions are acceptable.

In order to maintain a family-friendly website, we do not take pictures of guests without sufficient clothing on, or pictures of guests with garments presenting anything offensive to anyone. Pictures of clothing that are somewhat professional and completely family-friendly may be taken as well.

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