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The following is a list of the nightclubs we went to. New galleries of pictures are prepared for the applicable albums between two and six times a week depending on the requirements provided by the nightclub management and the time of year. All pictures for a gallery are then published within 48 hours from the minute that the building is closed. Choose a nightclub to view the album for it.

If no desired pictures can be found in any of the albums, feel free to contact us. We reserve the right to remove pictures discovered as inappropriate to any audience at any time without notice as defined in our picture display criteria. You may select an arrow at the bottom to see albums of an adjacent year.

Sorting Options for the albums

Three options are available as buttons below. The functionality of each one occurs as follows:

  1. When the date option is chosen or this is your first visit, the list of venues we visited in 2019 will appear starting with one containing the photo album with a new set of pictures.
  2. The A to Z option arranges the list so that only venues that start with the desired letter or number will be shown
  3. The distance option arranges the list in order beginning with one closest to your location. Geolocation services must be enabled for this option to work.

Select Distance to see how far venues are away

Select a button below if sorting by name or distance is desired

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You may also sort by type of venue if desired.

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Nightclub Photo Albums

Choosing a nightclub below will take you to the photo album with individual galleries shown. This list is sorted alphabetically from numeric to A to Z.

  1. 1345 Downstairs
  2. 6 Degrees
  3. Ace
  4. Aria
  5. Avenue
  6. Berlin
  7. Bloke
  8. Blue Suede Sues
  9. Body English
  10. Bossclub
  11. Cabin Five
  12. Circus
  13. City
  14. Cobra Toronto
  15. Courthouse
  16. Cube
  17. Dolce Social Ballroom
  18. Drop
  19. Efs
  20. Embassy
  21. Faces
  22. Fiction
  23. Frequency
  24. Gravity Soundbar
  25. Guvernment
  26. Ivy Social
  27. Liberty Grand
  28. Live
  29. Loki
  30. Lot332
  31. Luxy
  32. Maison Mercer
  33. Mansion
  34. Mix Markham
  35. Nashville North
  36. Ohso
  37. Opium Room
  38. Orchid
  39. Phoenix Concert Theater
  40. Play
  41. Polson Pier
  42. Product
  43. Rebel
  44. Red
  45. Rich
  46. Rockwood
  47. Ryze
  48. Stadium
  49. Studio 77
  50. Time
  51. Traffik
  52. Tryst

Still have not found that perfect album from these 52?

Try all sorting options above first including sorting the photo albums in alphabetical order according to nightclub or party venue and if the desired set of pictures are not found, then please check back next day, and if there are still issues, please contact us to see if we have additional desirable pictures.

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