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We have answers to the following questions. If you want a smaller list, then go back and do a search.

#1: Are these images royalty free?

#2: Can I have a receipt of my order and know when I get them? Can I get a refund if I dont like the photos?

#3: Can I use any photos or ordered prints from here as evidence to a case if I go to court?

#4: Every clubcatcher team member uses cameras at the venue. right?

#5: How can I make myself or my friends appear in a photo on this site?

#6: How do I get an account or login or register? Do I need an email address?

#7: How do I make a higher speed connection and download a photo faster?

#8: How do I request a photo to be removed?

#9: How is the total price, shipping, and other fees for an order of prints calculated?

#10: I entered a couple words for search and it shows results for the words "Bad Content". Why?

#11: I saved a certain photo number a moment ago, but now its gone and I get an error. why?

#12: I see fluctuations in waiting time and I cant figure out if speed is fast or slow. Whats going on?

#13: Im sharing a picture on the mobile site and everyone thinks the picture is too small. what is going on?

#14: Is anyone on the clubcatcher team available for dating?

#15: Is the club catcher an electronic golf club machine of some sort?

#16: My request for photo removal was approved, but the picture is still up. Why?

#17: Please tell me why there are new photo advertisements.

#18: The new event photos or gallery from last night is not up yet. Why?

#19: This guy named Angelo takes different photos of me and I want to be dating him. May I make him my partner?

#20: This site is mega slow and all sloppy and huge when I used it on my internet connection. Why?

#21: What are all the options I have to search for a photo from any gallery?

#22: What browser is compatible with this edition of the clubcatcher website?

#23: What happened to the several dozen questions? Are there less answers now?

#24: What is the policy on photos? Is downloading and hotlinking to images on this website permitted?

#25: What item is allowed with me when you take a picture of me inside or outside of a venue?

#26: Why are all the saved links or bookmarks on my computer not working anymore?

#27: Why are the quality and size of the photos on this website horrible?

#28: Why did I lose my court case even tho I used your photos and help from lawyers as evidence?

#29: Why do I get errors in my browser about something is not a function or other javascript errors?

#30: Why do some sections of the site never get fixed?

#31: Why does this website not work with Internet Explorer 7?

#32: Why does this website on my web browser never stop loading?

#33: Why is the photo so tiny in a big black box on the mobile site?

#34: You require my personal information like address for what purpose?

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